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"This is awesome information and I really like how it progresses through the steps and how each point builds on the one before. Easy to understand and follow." Lisa

Chapter 1

Learn what accounting is. How it affects your business. Learn what decisions you should be making for your business. How those decisions affect your business.

Chapter 2

Learn the different types of accounting. How the type you choose affects your business and the information you receive on your company financials.

chapter 3

Learn the different types of accounting basis. How the accounting basis chosen affects when you see your revenue and expenses on your financials.

chapter 4

Learn what your chart of accounts is. How the accounts you use and the types of accounts have a direct link with management decisions.

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This ebook provides you with the ability to make informed decisions on what type of accounting, what accounting basis your business requires and what accounts you want to see on your financial statements. You have the ability to make those decisions for your business. You don't have to depend on others.


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